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Ah, seasonal allergies… how I (didn’t) miss you all these years…

And now I can’t miss them because they just won’t go away.

And that’s entirely my fault.

I know I’ve been eating poorly and not supporting good drainage and things like that.  I know I should start cutting back and maybe eliminating wheat from my diet, but this is difficult when other people take the responsibility to start cooking for you.  It’s hard to tell someone who is volunteering to cook and care of the family that, in essence, they’re doing it wrong.

But at the same time, it may be important to put a foot or two down and enforce the guidelines that are meant to keep us all healthy, such as the food combining and the no-white-flour rule.

For my laziness, I am now suffering an intense amount of sinus congestion, my neck and shoulders are stiff and sore, my ankles feel like they’ve both been twisted, and I have a constant low-level headache.  And that is either resulting in or exacerbating a slightly all-around grumpy mood.

This is not conducive to the healthy, high-energy lifestyle I’d prefer to enjoy.

But, all things considered, things are going great.  I’m picking up some shifts at second-work while Debbie is working a full-time temp position, I found a source for the EFT DVDs by Gary Craig – well, that’s kind of a story.  I was saving up for these DVDs which constitute a whole range of EFT training that I really want to learn and use, but  when I went to double-check on them and make sure I was working toward the proper monetary amount, I found out that they were no longer available.  Gary has decided to retire, they’re not going to release any more copies of the complete set… Gah!  The good news is that Gary’s copyright includes a caveat to encourage people to make up to 100 copies and give them out to other people for free.  I got on the forums at EmoFree and found someone to help me out with that.  (If you want to go check it out, you can still get the free beginners’ manual as well as get into some of the specific discussions on particular mental and physical health concerns.)

I went out Saturday night and discovered that I apparently have been influenced more than I suspected by my time in Austin all those years ago:  I got more done on my schoolwork while sitting at a table at the pub with a beer and loud people and music all around than I did at home in the quiet (where I quite frequently find myself suddenly trying to learn through osmosis).  >.<

I may have to start scheduling my time a little more aggressively instead of just writing a to-do list and shooting from the hip.  It seems like a lot to do – two jobs, homeschooling, ND school, a toddler, etc. – but I know that it’s possible AND still have time to breathe and think.  I think I resist schedules because I never know how long something is going to take, and I never know for sure what time I’ll be getting up… Or maybe I can just make a list of things to do in order, and if something requires being timed (like the 15-minute clean-ups ala FlyLady), just make a note of it.

Hmmm… that’s darned clever.  I think I’ll start doing that.  I’ll let you know it goes.

In other news: Miles’ blog, Attack of the Living Dork, is now live AND populated!  We’re going to work on teaching him how to customize it and how to embrace the blog method.  That might even become part of his graded schoolwork

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