shorty_red and Andrew got married yesterday! It was absolutely nothing like what it was supposed to be, but it was good anyway.

I’ll let shorty_red give you all the gory details, including the bits about her mother and our emergency back-up witness.

Me, I had a couple of beers after the ceremony over at her house, and then passed out from sheer exhaustion around 12:30 or 1 o’clock (as I recall). I was just that tired. I didn’t realize how much getting the crap kicked out of you by toddlers all night can interfere with your sleep cycle, even when you’re getting up on time.

Okay, that’s not true, I did realize, but I forgot.

So, I woke up spontaneously at just after 6, gangrell took me home, and then I snoozed for a little while longer before taking on the virtual world again.

My forum at AMG.com is working again, which makes me very happy. Also, I’m setting up my LJ so that I can post from email and phone, while will make posting more regularly an easy thing to do.

I think I need coffee….

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