You know how weird the world was?

It’s weirder now.

The ex-husband is in Wyoming with me right now, helping with the house renovation. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement since he’s homeless and jobless, and I need the extra help. Plus, he’s getting a golden opportunity to dry out and get a little rehab-type assistance.

It was wonderful seeing the kids and husband over the weekend, but I can’t let myself dwell on it too much. I’ve got to get this done so that I can get down there sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, with the way money is trickling in and having to pay extra bills from the non-working month of Joe’s, it might take another month before I can make the move. Maybe longer.

Despite EDA being canceled, I still have a project list longer than most sane people:

  • Finish the build on a new Spicy Horse website for the art store. (More on that soon!) All done with the mock-up, now I just need content.
  • Writing the plot guides for the next two “Middle of Nowhere” novels.
  • Starting on the proposal for a new non-fiction book (I can’t share that yet but will soon).
  • Trying to figure out why my crickets chirp throughout the day and night.
  • Trying to write more for the Examiner. I just posted a new article on Food Combining, which is probably my all-time favorite dietary method.
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  1. September 2, 2009

    Do you have a buyer for the house yet? I mentioned it in passing today and a coworker of mine seems genuinely interested. I would need some solid numbers to give him as well. Send me a message somewhere.

    • September 2, 2009

      We’re selling for $145K. What numbers would you need? If he is seriously interested, you have my number. 😉

      If I can sell the house without actually putting it on the market, that would be fabulous. I’ll even post some pictures shortly of some of the work that’s already done. When I started the renovation, it was to cater to both my snobby chef self and my energy conscious self.

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