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all-houses-matterBlack life matters?  White life?  All life?

There is something insidious and painfully disingenuous happening right now.  It’s very much in line with a rant I went on previously about how the group that owns the narrative can’t really complain about how other groups are recognizing that they’re being slighted.  When the dominant culture tries to appropriate the phrasing, that’s when you know you’ve hit a nerve.

Really look at this graphic:  THIS describes perfectly what is happening culturally when someone says “#AllLivesMatter” in response to #Black or #Gay or #Trans Lives Matter (ing).

The thing that a hashtag cannot describe is why these specific lives matter.  At no point in time do we imagine that white people don’t die or aren’t murdered, but they’re generally not murdered because they are straight white Christian males.  When that does happen, it’s usually as a retaliation against the dozens or hundreds of non-white, non-straight, non-Christian non-males who have been murdered before.

The cultural frame of why we need to pay attention to how many black men and women die under what circumstances is no more about diminishing white people as feminism is about diminishing men.  It’s about drawing out the reality of an enormously uneven playing field so that we can figure out as a culture how to fix it.

This is where we run into a bit of a problem, though.  I experience the human race as two distinct breeds – those who crave to shape their worldview with love, and those who crave to shape their worldview with fear.  Fearfolk have dominated the narrative for ages because there were legitimately things to be afraid of, but that level of fear is no longer necessary.  Lovefolk want to take the stage and lead us all to a better world, but the Fearfolk are armed and dangerous – and now just as fearful of losing their dominance as they are of anything else.

Consider this model.  Think about it.  Mull it over.  What do Fearfolk have to fear from LGBQT people?  What do they need to fear from non-whites? What can Lovefolk do in return?  We don’t have it in us to fight their fire with fire, so what do we have?

Seriously.  I’m asking.  For a friend.

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