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Maybe it’s not so much like that, but it was an interesting realization.

I recently took the AQ Test (Autism Quotient) and I scored extremely high.  This wasn’t so much of a surprise as a confirmation of something that I hadn’t known I was suspecting.  I know that Miles and Joseph are both autistic, that Daniel may well be, that my mother is, that my father may be and that my maternal grandfather certainly was.  Perhaps because autism presents differently in females than it does in males, I never really put it together that maybe I would be in the spectrum as well.

And why would I be?  I thought I was just weird, that I could just see things that other people couldn’t, that I had different values and perspectives.  Given my paranormal experiences, it was easy to dismiss anything physiological or neurological based on the influences of other perceptive capacities.  But what if my paranormal experiences were part of this autistic experience?  What if my geniuses were all related to this neurological condition?

It was an interesting question, but as with so many things, one that I was not subjectively emotionally examining.  The scientist brain kicked in, threw out any preconceived notions or projected conclusions, and started clicking all the pieces into place.

I ran my initial mental results past a couple of friends who have known me for years, and the response was, “Wait, you didn’t know you were autistic before now?  Hell, we thought you always knew!  We sure as hell knew.”

Cue the jaw drop.

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