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December 28, 2013 / / Personal Life

In the last few years, I put out these long multi-day challenges to get everyone to really think about their world and their words and their conditions… and while I’m all for self-reflection and all that, I just didn’t feel like that was something I needed to do this year.

Instead, I want to do a year in review.  From January to December, with pictures (where appropriate) and brief shots of the highlights.  And then some thoughts.  Because I think things sometimes.  But not always.


Highlights:  Got a job, finally; we bought our tickets for DragonCon in Atlanta and booked our bed-and-breakfast; also, my divorce from Joe was finally finalized.

Favorite Quotes:

Him: “AH! Your feet are cold!”
Me: *rubs feet rapidly on the sheets to warm them up*
Him: … you’re such a nerd.
Me: What? Because I use physics and thermodynamics to my advantage?
Him: …
Me: … okay, I see your point.

* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *

Him: “That may be your opinion, but it’s wrong.”
Me: “No, we already talked about this: You’re always right, but it’s only my opinion that matters.”
Him: “No, no, if I’m always right, and I say your opinion is wrong, and I’m always right, then I’m right.”
Me: “But it’s the difference between material facts and subjective observations.”
Him: “Right, and since your opinions are not material and have no mass, they don’t matter!”
Me: “…. damn, you’re a nerd.”
Him: “And I win.”
Me: “And you win.”