A Saturday post to clear the head

I was going to schedule it for later and title it a “Saturday Evening Post”, but I realized that only a small portion of people would get the joke, and that would make me feel… older than them.




A few big deals:  First, I got the proof copy of “Reiki Your Leaves” – and it’s wrong.  There’s all kinds of stuff that’s all kinds of jacked up, and some weird thing about no leading pages, and the count is all buggered… so, I’ll be doing another reformatting today, but it will not count as another edition.  If you have the e-book version, you’re fine.

(Technically, if you don’t mind opposite-facing pages – which is to say that it mysteeeeriously starts on “0” and then page 1 is on the INSIDE of the front page, you could still order it, but it’s… weird.  It offends my reader-ish sensibilities.)

Second, you’ll notice a new Page has popped up over here on the right for “Reiki Classes”.  Many people are asking about this, and I’d like to share some of my intentions for the near future:

  1. I’ll be teaching in-person Reiki classes at the Silver Pyramid starting in July.
  2. Very soon, I’ll be putting out more v-blogs and videos, and a number of these videos will be Reiki instructional bits.  (I promise not to cuss too much.)
  3. Also very soon, I’m going to be putting out some podcasts dealing with Reiki, Hakim Bey, and some other awesome healing things.
  4. If the response is good at the Silver Pyramid, I’ll start teaching other classes there as well, including periodic workshops on Forgiveness, Law of Attraction, Recipe for a Perfect Marriage (or, “Now That I’ve Met the Person of My Dreams, How Do I Put Up With Him/Her?”) and many others.

I also have another couple of interesting super-secret projects in the work that I can’t really talk about, but if there are any anime/manga/chibi-style artists out there interested in taking on a unique project, let me know.  🙂

There are other things going on, certainly, but I’m not sure what to say about them yet.  I’ll probably update later on tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. June 4, 2011

    I’m interested in taking on a unique project /o/
    I’ll only be free during vacation though (meaning July, yeah).

    Can’t wait for all that /o/

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