A twitchy Saturday

This is the classic definition of “all over the place”.

OH! Before I forget, in about…. oh… two hours or so (midnight Eastern time, Saturday July2nd going into 3rd), I’ll be interviewed on Obsessive Gamer Radio with Jon “Willy” Gillem.  It’s a small-time internet radio show, but still very fun and awesome.

So… I’ve done laundry today, which is awesome, and even gotten showered and dressed, which is a miracle… and… let’s see… I watched a lot of web videos, wrote some stuff, finished my homework for next week, made a couple of salads… started rearranging the DVDs that Joe finally brought over…

Oh, and unless it’s hiding somewhere super special, my heart got broken all over again.  I think my Voight-Kampf Case with all the versions of “Bladerunner” in it (and the car, and the artwork, and the unicorn) got left in Wyoming.  I’m fighting a wave of irrational over that.

I’m not sure what to do with myself now that I’m enforcing my rule of “weekends off”.  (I did cheat a little bit and address a spot of business, but ah well… it was a worthy effort…)  Tomorrow, if I’m up early enough, I may actually work on getting my bedroom handled properly.  I made a little progress today, so that’s good, but it’s still a wall of clutter that thwarts my stabs at creativity.

I’ll get through it, though – and hopefully soon.

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