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I had an OB appointment yesterday that included another ultrasound and an NST. As you’ll recall, I had an ultrasound on Monday as well before they sent me home. One of the important points of the one on Monday was that my AFI (amniotic fluid index) was 13.3. Yesterday (Thursday), it was 8.9. That’s a significant reduction but the number itself is not “out of range”, according to Dr. Nelson.

Teh fkuc?

Nelson also gave me a prescription for Terbutaline in case the contractions try to make a grand comeback, which is cool since it’ll also raise my blood pressure. Oh, yeah – and I’ll be tweaking out of my mind the first couple of times I take it. Blech. I haven’t taken it at all, but I guess it’s good to have it there, just in case.

Dr. Eskam reviewed the stuff from Thursday and had her nurse call me BACK into the office today (Friday) for ANOTHER ultrasound and an NST. The AFI has reduced even more to 8.5 (or less). Based on that alone, she admitted me to the hospital for constant monitoring.

Add to this the other parts about how I’ve also lost THREE POUNDS since yesterday (a pound could MAYBE be attributed to clothing, but THREE?!?), my girth and overall size has gone down, and I can feel EVERYTHING that Daniel is doing. It doesn’t feel like he has ANY fluid left in there (although I know that he actually does).

And the edema.

And the hot flashes that started showing up with contractions.

So, I’m most likely in the hospital until this child is born, and I think we’re all okay with that. There is one other possibility, and that is if all of my amniotic fluid magically comes back and I magically gain back the five pounds I’m supposed to have. (The doc was just in, and I cannot begin to describe how frustrating and terrifying it is to feel like I have to justify being in the hospital to save my son’s life when I’m basically being told that my symptoms aren’t OFFICIALLY a sign of trouble – never mind the previous history of EXACTLY THIS happening with very bad results.)

Things at the house are going well. Ginger is settling in well, she and the kids are getting along famously, and our guests are arriving for the weekend.

I just wish I was there to see them. And at the same time, I’m glad I’m here.

I’ll duke it out with the IT department to see if I can get into the AM.Com site soon, but no guarantees. As before, if you need anything, send a PM to Mage.

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  1. October 20, 2007

    Oooh, take it easy there! Are you still taking metformin? That might account for some weight loss, possibly.

    • October 20, 2007

      That’s what *I* said! Sometimes I feel like I’m back in that crazy parallel universe where everything I mention, no matter how logical and obvious, must be questioned and discounted.

  2. October 20, 2007

    PS I have been in yahoo messenger at work lately, I’ve learned that it is allowed, or at least not prohibited. So if you’re up in the middle of the night, just check and I’ll probably be lurking… 🙂

    • October 20, 2007

      I don’t know if I can get through the hospital firewall with that in the stand-alone client, but I may be able to in the web client. I’ll try a little later.


  3. October 20, 2007

    Best wishes for you and Daniel! You’ll be in my prayers.

  4. October 20, 2007

    how far a long are you now? if you do stay there until he is born, who long does it look like thats going to be? that really sucks, I KNOW WHAT THATS LIKE…but everything will turn out for the best 😉

  5. October 22, 2007

    I agree, you need to do what will be best for you and Daniel. Trust your instincts!

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