Back to teaching, maybe?

I keep trying to write something long and profound, but everything comes out all ranty and weird, and it doesn’t sound right to even me, so I put it in Drafts and wait until later when it’ll look better.

In the meantime, I meant to remind you all that I wrote a book.  This is the other one, the Reiki book, “Reiki Your Leaves“, and this is still the original version.  As I get a little breather in the summer time, I’ll get it updated again.

It’s only $17.95, plus shipping, (or $6.95 for a digital download) and it’s a very good starting point if you want to sign up for one of my impending classes (again, a summer project) or if you want to learn on your own.  I broke a lot of rules on purpose in writing that, including the whole section on how to attune yourself.  Usui-Sensei didn’t have someone attune him to Reiki, right, so it doesn’t stand to reason that you have to have someone else attune you… though sometimes it’s just a little easier.  😉

It’s kinda like the conversation I was having with the inimitable MamaTat:  Siddartha did not go out and buy his mala beads from some local “WannaBeABuddha” shop.  When it comes to spiritual awareness, having a teacher and other props is handy sometimes, but it’s not always necessary.

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