Day Ten: Five wishes I would make for myself

number-5Five wishes I would make for myself:

Because you should never only wish good on other people. You deserve your good thoughts, too.

5: Fantastic opportunities to make brilliant things happen: restaurants, urban development projects, rural development projects, theme parks, hotels, shops, etc.

4: Increased capacity to translate those brilliant ideas (fiction and non-fiction alike) into a readable, usable format easily.

3: Prosperity and abundance, ideally from three last two wishes coming true, but I won’t say no to a little unexpected windfall.

2: Patience while the pieces come together to get the brilliant ideas off the ground. That’s probably the hardest part for me.

1: A clear map of what’s coming when and what I can do to prepare. Sure, surprises are awesome, but I like to think that a little advanced knowledge can add a fantastic flavor to the experience.


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