End-of-year challenge: Day Nine, Four Turn-offs

Day Nine: Four turn offs

1. Whining.

2. Motorcycles.  Yes, it’s on the correct list.  There’s an attitude that goes with motorcycle afficiandoes that just grates on my nerves the entirely wrong way.  And it’s even worse if you think that I’m going to ride bitch with you anywhere, even for fun.

3. Making assumptions about what I’ll like without having made an investment to get to know me.  I think there are some people who confuse confidence with making assumptions, and that has gotten them marked off my short-list faster than almost anything else.

4.  Did I mention whining?  I did?  Oh.  Well… Picky eaters.  I don’t mind accommodating for health concerns or allergies, but being downright picky?  Not eating vegetables?  Food can’t touch?  Forget it!  I can’t stand it!  It’s fine for some people, I suppose, but I’m not into “high maintenance” so much.


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