First Kindle mini-book: Cave Dwellers!

I totally forgot to post this last week (it’s a long story about why), but I published my first mini-book on Kindle!  It’s two short stories for 99 cents, and you should totally get it.  I mean… you know… if you have a Kindle.

And then review it.  Definitely.

The first story, “Cave Dwellers”, hints at a dystopian world riddled with strange heretofore unseen dangers.  A young man seeks shelter against the arrival of winter, but all safe havens have a price.

The second story, “The Last House in the Cul de Sac”, is a thoughtful tale of young love and the consequences of clandestine couplings.  Where has everyone gone?  And should they do while they wait?

You can either hop directly over there from this lovely link, or just click on the picture at the right. If you have a Kindle (or the Kindle app), it’ll download right to your reader.

And for those lucky Prime holders, you can even check it out for free.

Enjoy, my lovelies, and get ready for the next one to be released soon!

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