I’m a horrible blogger

Ironically, the reason I’m a horrible blogger this time is that I’m working on putting together another blog, a different blog, and it’s requiring me to learn a slightly different skill set.  Also, there’s school, and five-week courses are meant to be very intensive, and they are.  I just have a couple of more days for this class (including finishing up my final paper), and I’ll be done until January.

All that having been said, here’s a little update and a heads up:

  • Life with the Saint is as wonderful as it was to start with, which might not seem much to you since it’s only been a few months, but my usual statute of limitations of “happy in cohabitating” is about three weeks, maybe a month if we don’t spend much time together.
  • School is, indeed, going very well, and I am still rockin’ the 4.0.  I’m finishing up Informal Logic (fantastic class, by the way!) and writing the final paper on how moral/ethical behavior is not correlative to belief in a godhead.
  • The kids are doing well.  Daniel’s diet works well, if we can keep him in the ketosis zone, which is challenging around being sick and punky.  The Charming Buddha’s ninth birthday was awesome, and he’s flourishing at school and with his grandmother after school.  Miles is rockin’ school, too, as is Lili.  Life marches on.
  • Joe and I should be legally and finally divorced just about any day now.  No lawyers battling it out, no court dramas, just a mutual agreement between friends.  He’s got the boys for the foreseeable future.
  • I am still knitting, making candies (since cookies are a little problematic), working at Michael’s Craft Store part-time, writing, etc.
  • The new blog will be on a new host, which has yet to be procured, but it will focus on reviewing “off-mainstream stories”.  I’ll cover B-flicks, horror, series, but mostly things you’d only find on Netflix or Redbox or Hulu.  More on that when it launches.  (I’m trying to fix the interface right now to do what I want it to.  Yes, you can guest-post if you email me first.)
  • In a couple of days, I’m going to post the Annual Days of You, the yearly challenge to share things about yourself.  I took the liberty of expanding it to 14 days this year – two full weeks – so your absolutely-gotta-post-by date is December 18th.

That’s the brief state of the union.  I’m hoping on slipping in a few more blogs soon.  I have a great post started about being jaded, and a few others on various similar topics, but for the most part, it’s all just a matter of real life being a little more important.

And video games.  I’m playing a lot more video games.

This is what a healthy me looks like.

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