Maybe I overdid it a little

… is this what they meant? If so, that’s not at all what I am.

I keep wanting to tell myself, “You’re no spring chicken anymore,” but I’m not even really sure what that means.  (Maybe the addition of “anymore” is what renders it silly?)

I’m still sick.  And it sucks.  I’ve even been to the doctor twice this week, and I got shot in the ass both times.

I’d whine about the loss of my dignity, if I had any.  I won’t insult my knowing audience to even attempt to pretend.  XD

What this means for me, unfortunately, is that I’m off of work until Monday.  The Good Doctor was very particular about that, explaining that while I probably wouldn’t be “all better” by now if I’d stayed home last week, I certainly wouldn’t be as bad off.  Fine, whatever, at least I have a doctor’s note to justify missing a Saturday.  (At least it’s not an end-of-the-month Saturday…)

What has been interesting throughout all of this is a strange compulsion to meditate, usually in the midst of a high fever.  So, I’ll turn on my little brainwave tuner and let my mind wander, and some very interesting things have come from that.  There was one vision/dream I had where I was something like an old wooden statue that had been covered with centuries of paint and weathering and muck, and all of those layers were being burned and scraped off, then I was wrapped in several layers of dark butterfly-like wings into a cocoon to rejuvenate.  The even more interesting part of it was that there was an “attendant” through all of this, doing the work, and it was someone of Particular Familiarity.

(I can’t say more than that, I’m afraid.)

I made the off-hand joke that maybe this is the Venus-transit “burn the love back into the world” fever, especially since so many people I know got sick around the same time – and this is not a traditional “flu season”.  I’m starting to wonder if that might not have been too far from the truth.

I’m what I like to call an open-minded skeptic.  I don’t generally attribute any event or consequence exclusively to a supernatural or energetic phenomenon, but I do make a point of not dismissing those aspects altogether.  After all, the material and energetic realms all have to work together in both gross and subtle ways, and ignoring any of the parts can cause you to lose an aspect of the whole significance.

I had much more to say on this, but it’s nap time, and that is not something that can be ar

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