The Yuletide spirit

It’s always a tough call for me when someone asks what I want for Christmas or Yule.  In years past, a specific need has presented itself – a teapot, for instance, or knitting stuff – but this year, I’m working on making things move in the other direction and trying to get rid of stuff.

Speaking of, if you’re in the Dallas area, I’m having a garage sale this weekend, December 2-4.  I’m unloading TONS of books, some dolls, toys, kid stuff (clothes and a stroller), yarn, and various other holiday-gift-worthy items.  And if you happen to swing by the garage sale, there will be a special piggy bank on display for people to make monetary donations to a friend in need.  The specifics are unimportant, but the opportunity is there.

Since I’m looking to get rid of stuff this season instead of collecting stuff, here are some things that you could gift me with this year:

  • Donate to my friend’s Multiple Sclerosis Walk.  He only needs $400 to meet his minimum goal (though he’d like to get to $1000) and if you donate at least $25, he’ll make you an awesome paracord bracelet.  I already did. 🙂
  • Buy a copy of “Reiki Your Leaves” for yourself or someone else.  I’ll even throw in some tutoring if you need.
  • Bring a bottle of Ravenwood Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon by the house.  It’s always good for socializing and for cooking.
  • Make something by hand!  Knitted or crocheted things are adored, and I know a place where you can get a killer deal on some yarn this weekend.  😉
  • Bits and bobs for the kids would be great.  They’re starting school in the spring (if all goes according to plan), and things for that purpose would always be appreciated.

More than anything else, I’d love to see this holiday season marked with expansion, healing, good will, and compassion.  Maybe the new place will be ready for a house warming party soon, and it would be great to see you there to celebrate our good fortune and prosperity.

In any case, have a wonderful holiday season, no matter the cultural trappings.  (And maybe I’ll update more than once a month this time.)

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