Vague notions

It’s been a while since I’ve done this… written like this…


It’s all a big question mark,
a fleeting idea of thought
that doesn’t quite add up
because there are too many
unknown variables.

And yet the foundation
is there,
a solid bedrock of
unconditional love
and unwavering faith.

The universe must think
I’m some kind of superwoman,
a figure of unflappable strength
and powerful drive
to challenge me so.

I accept the challenge
so long as the pay-off is legit.
No dangling carrots whisked away,
no brass rings just out of reach.
I have followed the rules.

I followed them
even when they changed.
I stuck to them against
my better judgment,
because it was the Right Thing.

The time comes soon
when questions are answered,
when vagueness is dispelled,
when honesty can again reign.
And until then…

I hold the you-shaped hole in my heart open.

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