Yes, guns are a f**king problem

broken_heart_by_fastreflex-1WARNING:  LOTS of curse words.  TONS.

I’m not here to rant about LGBT rights because, let’s face it, that’s a whole other topic, and it’s not really the source of our heartache today.  The gay community was the target, yes, but the issue is deeper than this.

I want you to think about the phrase, “Give a boy a hammer, and everything’s a nail.”

Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute.

Got it?  Done?

Okay, here’s the argument:  The shooter yet a-fucking-gain was a mentally unhinged hateful bastard with a known and long history of prejudice, spite, and a tendency towards violence.  You know, because this is nothing new.  And yet again, it was easier to get access to guns than it was to effective and productive mental health services.

It was easier to get guns than it was to get effective and productive mental health services.

Now, I’m not claiming that this guy wanted help for his mental problems.  People whose primary crazy is based in coming up with tons of reasons for hating a group of people already justifies to themselves why they’re not crazy.  But, does anyone else remember when it was possible to get a goddamned crazy person locked up in a mental ward for being a danger to him/herself and others?  I do.  It was a thing.  It was a real thing.

I want to know why it isn’t still a real thing.

But, before we get to that part, let’s get back to the hammer-nail thing.

When you make guns accessible on the level that they are in our American society, then you give a GODDAMNED CRAZY PERSON an answer to their “problems” that doesn’t involve asking themselves if the level of stress they’re experiencing about people who have no direct impact on their lives is really healthy.  As a society, you’re giving them a solution.

And that solution comes with a great big body count.

Why the serious fuck would we, as a society, condone this level of idiocy?  Oh, wait, we probably wouldn’t if we didn’t have a big fat gun lobby writing laws for us and normalizing the idea that it’s totally okay to have assault rifles.  What the fuck are you thinking?!?  Why do you need an assault rifle?!? That Bambi’s coming back for revenge?

And lemmetellya, a “well regulated militia” you motherfuckers ain’t.  Have you ever tried to get a bunch of gun nuts together to actually help people and defend against an actual threat?  It’s like watching the original “Tremors” crossed with a couch potato marathon, because they got the “right to bear arms” part, but “well regulated”?  That means they shit on a daily basis right?  Being “regular”?

Until you really grasp the idea that humans – mentally stable or unstable, doesn’t matter – will generally seek the most powerful solutions to their problems relative to the intensity of their emotions, you will not understand why having such free access to weapons on this scale is a problem.

I’m not necessarily going to break down how many billions of dollars every year are spent on guns or the gun lobby, or how many effective mental facilities could be built and maintained for that money, or how much more research could go into creating real and effective mental health remedies (because, in a different way, we are failed by the gross ineffectiveness and inefficiency of our current mental health model), but I am going to say this:

I figured I was arguing for the losing side when shooting little kids, you goddamned fuckers, was STILL NOT JUSTIFICATION FOR REVISITING GUN LAWS, but now, maybe having a high enough body count will do it?

American Legal System, you make me so fucking sad right now.  So fucking sad.  Can we please get this shit fixed, already?!

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  1. Jonathan
    June 13, 2016

    Well said, Dawn, these are the sentiments of most non-gun owners, I would guess. But looking in on the big shining glass house that is America, it sadly seems to me on the outside that even with all the good and true folks who live there, a society that was founded on the gun and because of the gun might never go the way of REASON. If multiple, horrific , regular massacres of children can’t sway those Charlton Heston hearts, what the hell can? To date, not even the president!! It’s a horrible, despicable thing for you good people to live with…the victims of ignorant devils who manufacture fear for their own diabolic purposes. But…write on – write more – and never give-up your views, they’re still the only chance for change.

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