You’re in serious trouble now

abstract1Well, my contract at RadioShack ended.  There was a long discussion about me going permanent, but a restructuring didn’t let that happen, and being a perpetual contractor would require much, much better compensation.

So, now I’m home again, home again, jiggity jig.  And I have a plan.

The “you’re in serious trouble now” part is that I’m going to be blogging a lot more.  Hopefully I’ll even be entertaining.  Mostly, though, I’ll be sharing snippets of upcoming awesomeness.

You know how people want to know what you want to be if you grow up?  I select “if” as the operant  term and and answer with “ALL THE THINGS!”  Novels?  You betcha!  Screenplays? Hellzya!  Painting?  Absolutely!  Sculptures, portraits, digital work, text books, teaching classes, art installations, leather tattoos, robots… let me at all of them.

That does also mean that you’re going to see a lot more marketing/advertising sorts of posts from me.  That RedBubble thing for “the Kiss“?  Yeah, you can buy that.  Don’t want to?  At least share it with friends.  I put those two pieces up there to see how I like them, and more will come soon.  Maybe later, I’ll even do a Kickstarter.

Oh, and there are a few tarot decks in the works.  And Muggings will come to be soon.  So, seriously, y’all are in trouble now that I have some time back.

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