Day Eight: Seven things that cross my mind a lot

number7Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

7: Things would be so much easier if we had more personal responsibility in raising and growing our own food.

6: A shrinking economy is not the end of the world if pity is compensated dirt by a return to embracing and focusing on the true necessities of life – food, shelter, clothing, community.

5: Why does my brain rev when Daniel stays with us for the weekend? We lay down to go to sleep and suddenly the brain is in overdrive. Any other night, it’s no big deal to shut down the neurons.

4: Would taking a large sample of daisies show a consistent enough display of Fibonacci numbers to justify saying that any daisies that break the Fibonacci cycle are mutations? Specifically, can you track potential negative environmental impact from higher numbers of daisies not having that cycle, or would non-animal mutations not count as viable environmental indicators?

3: How hard would it be to accomplish something massive and extraordinary without utilizing any methods of usury?

2: I really need a warehouse that I can break into workstations. It doesn’t have to be enormous like a flight hangar, it just has to be big enough for a painting studio, a photography studio, a welding shop, a pottery studio, a woodworking shop, a mechanic bay, and maybe some other spots from vacuum forming, sewing, spinning… And whatever else pops into my head that needs serious manifesting.

1: I’m still amazed at how much clearer my mind is since I got away from wheat, and that makes me even more grateful to be in the relationship I’m in. You wouldn’t think that diet compatibility would be an issue, but it often is.

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