Day Four: Eleven things about myself

number-11Eleven things about myself:

11: My hair still isn’t silver enough to justify not dying it, but now I’m wondering if I would stop dying it even if it were silver enough…

10: I think my eyes get greener as I get older.  That’s kinda cool.

9: I still visualize playground slides going across any sort of span – streets, sidewalks, etc – as a means of measuring the angles and distances between two points.

8: I have a deep, deep hatred for cockroaches.  I can recognize consciously that they serve a purpose (and, technically, a very good one), but I associate them with emotional wounds and neglect.  And they give me the jibblies.

7: I think that Talenti’s Sea-Salt Caramel gelato might just be the most amazing, incredible flavor in the world.

6: I’m sometimes afraid to get started painting or sculpting or doing art of any sort because I can slip so completely out of time that I lose track of everything and I forget to stop, even for things like food and sleeping.

5: I anthropomorphize almost everything, from computers to cars to colors to flavors and everything in between.  And sometimes humans.

4: Like painting and sculpting, I think I get a little worried when I start writing, too, because then I don’t just lose track of time, I lose track of everything, including pieces of my reality.

3: In my ideal world, everything would live in a neatly organized space, with cabinet after cabinet of painstakingly labeled spots for yarn, supplies, paper, equipment, and anything else.  Everything would have a place, and nothing else would enter my space unless it already had a proper place to live.  In other words, when I build my own house, I’m going to invest heavily in wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelving and cabinetry.  With little slots for labels.

2: When I build that house, it’s going to be partially subterranean like a hobbit hole.

1: I have an uncanny ability to pick out actors and actresses from movies.  Most of the time, I have no idea what their names are, but I can tell you which other movies they’ve been in.  It’s a little weird, but it’s getting better all the time as I watch more and more movies.  Kinda cool, too.


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  1. Chrys Mason
    December 28, 2013

    ok….so this freaked me out because almost ALL of these are so, totally, me as well!! I love reading your blog because it is getting to know you in a way I hadn’t really known you before and you are so fraken intelligent and witty and just…. INTERESTING!!! I absolutely LOVE your mind!!! For a human, you are pretty remarkable. 😉

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