Day Three: Twelve things I find delightful

color-blindness-test-1Twelve things I find delightful:

12: Getting tickled.  This is new.

11: Zombie movies, which is slightly different from…

10:  Horror movies in general, which is also different from…

9: Low-budget B-flicks, which can include elements of the previous two but don’t necessarily have to.

8: Sleeping in on Sundays.  (Doesn’t always happen, but the fact that it’s an option even sometimes is amazing.)

7: Figuring out something that’s vexed me for a time, like learning a new knitting technique or finally grokking a fundamental law of physics.

6: Really, really soft yarn.

5: Seeing someone’s face light up when I help them solve a problem.  This can apply to math, art, crafts, yarn, personal life, health, whatever.

4: Cooking things people like to eat.

3: Inventing new and exciting ways to exploit bacon.

2: Having time to play video games – and actually playing them.

1: Actually having time to play video games – and playing them with the Saint.


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