Discount on “Reiki Your Leaves”

I just liked this goldfish. I was pretty proud of it.
Fish gotta swim

Lulu is running a promotion for a bit where you can enter the code BIG305 to get 20% off of your purchase price!

(Well… unless you’re ordering over $100 worth of books, because then you’d have to enter the code BIGGER305 to get 25% off of your purchase up to $500.)

So, if you were waiting for a sale to order your copy of “Reiki Your Leaves” in paperback or hardback, now would be the time!  Just click on the links to the right and it walks you through the rest.

And this would be REALLY good because I’m not going to be able to order another batch of books until next month, so you’re on your own until then.  I think Silver Pyramid only had two copies left after the last class.  The next class is already scheduled for July 21st at 7:00 pm, and, yes, attunements will be available again.

Here’s something really neat about Reiki:  you can get attuned to the “first degree” again and again and again without progressing to the second degree – until you’re ready.  You could come to every class and stay at your level indefinitely or move right on up, depending on your comfort level.  It’s kinda cool that way.  And, of course, with “Reiki Your Leaves” to guide your process, that could be sooner than you’d originally think.  🙂


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