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I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I recently enrolled in college.  It’s a completely online college with a brick-and-mortar foundation, accredited, accepts federal financial aid, and they have a program I actually want to pursue – Complementary and Alternative Health.

But… and this is what always happens… what about all those OTHER fascinating degrees over THERE and THERE and THERE!??

I have a year to decide on a major (in theory) and to figure out how I’m going to use my education towards my future.  This program is working for me much better than Trinity mainly in that there’s an actual INSTRUCTOR.  I’m not paying a few thousand dollars for the privilege of reading some books – and that’s pretty much all there is to that program.  Yes, it sets you up to be able to take the ANMA (or whatever they’re calling it) for ND certification, but it started to feel an awful lot like the Correllian experience – a little too focused on on the self-important and not enough on the universally applicable.

The instructors have told us that we’re supposed to spend about ten to twelve hours a week on our assignments.  I’m assuming they’re not actually talking about this first class (which is a “how to be online” class), as I’m guessing that the ones after this will be actually challenging on some level?

I hope…?

I’m committed to it now, though.  I’ve accepted the debt, and that makes this a very different landscape for me.  But, for some reason, it feels like this has to be done.

Wow… this was much more rambling and pointless than I expected it to be.  Maybe I need another nap…

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