End-of-year challenge: Day One, Twelve Things

Day One: Twelve things that you find delightful (funny, comforting, etc)

1. When Daniel runs around saying “I’m so adorable!  So cute!”  He has also added to his repertoire saying, “Hi, Mom-meee!” And if I say, “Hi, Daniel!”, he replies, “Nooooo, hi, GORGEOUS!”  (Except imagine this said by a kid who is barely friends with consonants.)

2. Figuring out a tricky knitting technique that’s been giving me fits for years – specifically when I discovered I’d been knitting backwards, or that “turn-and-wrap” was not meant to create a weird crisscross thing, or that the Super Awesome Stretch Bind-Off is, indeed, super-stretchy – and will, on occasion, curl.

3. Joseph singing along to “Am I Blue” in that crazy, high soprano boy-voice (less and less off-key every time, which still gives him room to go)

4. Finding a parking space right up next to the door of the grocery store (or anywhere, really)

5. Having an enormous tree that sheds its big, fat leaves into the yard (like we do)

6. Clean sheets!  (Thank you, Momma Irma!)

7. Hot stew on a cold day

8. That first amazing sip of hot coffee in the morning

9. Watching “the Man from Earth”, “Naussica”, “Casablanca”, and “Leaving Normal” (which I don’t watch at all anymore because apparently it hasn’t been released on DVD, but goddamnit, I can watch it in my head)

10. The quiet that happens in those brief minutes between everyone being in bed and me finally being asleep

11. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning, talking about brain-stimulating things

12. Getting messages and notes from Very Special People



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