End-of-year challenge: Day Two, Eleven Things

Day Two: Eleven things about yourself

1. I cut my own hair.  I’ve tried to see stylists before, but I’ve never been happy with the results for very long, so I just take care of the job myself.

2. Since I was identified as an autist, I’ve been much more patient with my own perceived short-comings and more tolerant of how long it takes me to grasp certain ideas.  It’s also given me a sense of pride that I can do and think things that other people might not be able to.

3. I love painting my nails (especially in odd colors like Emerald Green or Dried-Blood Red), but I hate taking it off, so I generally leave it there until it chips off.  Very punk rock.

4. I believe in the things I believe in due to an equal amount of evidence and imagination.  This may be a problem at some point in the future, but it’s also proven to be disturbingly accurate more often than not.

5. I much prefer lamps to overhead lights.  I get really grumpy with overhead lights.

6. I don’t like showers very much.  I’ll take them in a pinch, but I’d much rather have the time to take a nice, long, leisurely bath, even if it means waiting a couple of days.

7. I shouldn’t eat wheat, yeast, corn, soy, peanuts, or pork.  I should also avoid all things cow-dairy.  I indulge every now and again, but really, it makes it hard to be a good human.  Various items on this list will change my personality, jack my blood sugar through the roof, rev my thyroid badly, and twist my guts.  None of that is fun, and it takes days if not weeks to repair every time.

8. My biggest fear in becoming a writer is running out of good ideas.  This may be the greatest block to me actually pursuing a career in writing.

9. I can actually play quite a few musical instruments, and I learn them very quickly.  I just don’t because so many of the people I love play, too, and I don’t like that sense of competition and jealousy that comes from two people sharing a talent-based interest.

10. I worry perhaps a little too much that Daniel is so far behind developmentally.  I know it’s not my fault, that I didn’t do anything to cause it (besides saving his life), but I worry that he won’t get caught up all the way and will always be just a little behind.  I can only imagine the frustration that might cause him – and that others might judge me as a bad mother for it.

11. I really only like watching television series that have already ended.  Waiting for commercials or from week to week makes me crazy.  I want the story NOW!


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