End-of-year challenge: Day Seven, Six Foods

Day Seven: Six foods you love (and why!)

1. Risotto!  So easy to make, so versatile, though my favorite flavor pallet is rustic – wild mushrooms, red wine, garlic, and a rich cheese.

2. Ratatouille – and I’m not just saying that because I can spell it.  It’s like a wheat-less lasagna using summer squash instead of noodles, and you can put any kind of filling in there (mostly tomato-based).

3. Butter.  It’s like a little black dress, goes with everything.

4. Fried Salad.  Yes, it’s that one again – sauteed onions, garlic, and mushrooms with spinach thrown in at the last minute just long enough to wilt, then some cheese (only long enough to soften up), topped with fresh tomatoes and Calamata olives, tossed with a little red wine vinegar.  (Maaaaan, now I’m getting hungry again…)

5. Vichyssoise. Again, not because of the |/|4|) 133+ spelling skills (I almost always have to look it up) but because it reminds me of summer time and our never-ending quest to cool off and still eat heartily.

6. Pho!  Noodles in a spicy broth with beef, lime, fresh cilantro… especially when I’m sick, it’s totally the perfect thing ever.


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