End-of-year challenge: Day Six, Seven Things

Day Six: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. If everyone knows they’re being lied to, and they know that they’re going to end up in a constant state of deterioration instead of growth, why do they let the lie persist?

2. Defining the presence of an organ exclusively by epithelial membranes may be highly erroneous.  Perhaps there are more aspects and parts of the body than we immediately recognize due to this prejudice, and this may be what keeps modern medicine from being able to adequately treat a great number of illnesses.

3. … what was that?

4.  If there were only two more hours in the day, I could get so much more done.  Three would be better.

5. The conflict between the illusion of the material world and those who would want the material world to be the only reality is the core of our trails and troubles, but those who point this out are labeled as nut-jobs.  I’m tired of being labeled a nut-job.

6. … did I take the clothes out of the dryer?  Where did I put that other box of hangers?  I wonder if that little table will fit under the breakfast bar.  What would I put on it if it did?  Maybe I should put the rainbow drawers there, or I could put that in the boys’ room.  How much would the wood cost to build a proper set of bunk beds for them?  Can I make it look like a TARDIS without being too goofy?  How would one go about making a TARDIS bunk bed without also leaving it open to the baby climbing up there?  Oo, I totally need to build a TARDIS in the backyard, too.  If I did the walls at an angle, I could totally create the illusion of it being bigger on the inside…

7. Oh, god, what am I going to make for dinner?!?


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