Gotta get outta this place

It’s not dire, but it is serious.

I was so looking forward to living in this duplex for at least a couple of years, but that’s just not going to happen.  It’s small, yes, and has the tiniest, almost-least-helpful kitchen ever, but it’s charming and relatively well-located…

Try as I might, I have not figured out how to make it safe for Daniel.  The tumor should be gone by now, given how much stuff he’s been on and for how long, but it seems like every time we make a little progress, if we have an order like we did a few weeks ago where we weren’t able to get his Heavy Metal Cleanse, it’s back to worse than before.  This means that he’s continuing to absorb those toxins, and everything that we’re doing is essentially treading water.

I won’t have it.  Absolutely not.

So, I’m looking for another solution that is, frankly, less appealing, but it will probably be safer and healthier – and does have some added conveniences (that we were supposed to have here but never manifested, such as being able to rely on relatives for a little extra kid care more than once a week, sporadically if at all).

I think I want to move up to the North Dallas/Richardson area.  The main reason that I’m choosing this option is that I’d like to be close to Joe so that he can help out a little more easily with the kids.  The downside is that this means that we’re pretty much stuck with getting an apartment – unless someone else frees up who wants to share a house, plus kids, plus my pets and whatever other pets we may have collectively…

The good side is that even though the rent will go up by over $150 per month (or more – still figuring that part out), the overall expenses might go down since utilities are generally less expensive in apartments versus houses.  That $150 will get us an actual three-bedroom, though, with far more square footage, maybe more of a balcony or patio on which to do a little container gardening (something that isn’t practical in our area due to “foot-traffic”).  The kitchens are all bigger, the appliances are maintained, and the kids will be delighted to know that disposals and dishwashers are standard.

On the downside, the use of gas will go up since it’ll take me a little more to get to the office, should I schedule any consultations – plus my social outings are mostly near downtown or in Arlington.  There’s the noise of all of the people around us, not to mention the noise that we ourselves produce on occasion, and the extra costs of things like pet deposits, transferring utilities, etc.

And yet, is there really any inconvenience that is too great to endure for my son’s well-being?  The answer to that is actually “yes”, but on the list of unacceptable things, living in an apartment is not one of them.

Well, as long as it’s a decent apartment.  I’ve already narrowly dodged a bullet on one that had a great rate, great location, and only four murders in the last twelve months.  (The official number changes, so that’s my reasonable guess.)

A few things will not be making the move with us, such as my awesome desk.  It technically didn’t survive the LAST move, but it’s “held up” okay by replacing one whole side with a short filing cabinet.  And we’re going to have to sort through things even more to try to avoid getting stuck with an additional storage unit to keep everything safe.

I do want to get the boys a new bunk bed so that they have plenty of room to play, and I think that means that Kira will get the futon (couch-style) on which to sleep, but that also means that I need to think about getting a bed as well.  So that’s… a lot of beds.  And a desk.  And maybe more shelves because gods know we don’t have enough as it is.  There’s still one whole box in the garage with most of my really important books in it that still hasn’t been unpacked.

There are so many other adjustments that need to be made, so many little things to take care of, and only five weeks in which to do it.  My rent’s paid up through February, which is a heck of a blessing so that there will be plenty of cash to take care of incidental expenses…

But, MAN, I’m getting sick of moving.  If my count is correct (and it could be off by a few), this will be my 47th address in my life.

Does anyone have any boxes they can part with for a while?

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