I am a horrible, horrible blogger


In my defense, I started blogging when my days were not necessarily less full but certainly more spread out.  At current count, I have a full-time job, plus I’m still in school, and then there’s this relationship thing, and the kid weekends…

And then there’s the part where I have this weird freeze-up when I sit down to write because romance and love are the topics that occupy the vast majority of my non-work/school thought processes, and I have this thing against talking about the specifics of a relationship in public anymore.  When you have any aspect of your life public like this, you can’t kick at having stalkers too much, you just have to be careful what you feed them.

The Job:  I finally managed to gain full-time employment.  I started working from home as a technical support representative at the beginning of January, and it’s a fantastic company.  I’ve moved up pretty quickly, getting extra training to cover more services, and last week I got another promotion to Mentor.  My first nerb should be graduating today, and then we’ll see who else I get to work with.

The School:  I am still rockin’ the 4.0.  I’m taking my twelfth class, Intro to Cultural Anthropology, and this week I’ll be finishing up my final paper for that class on the Maori.  Prior to this was Mind and Machine, a philosophy class that provided hours of amusement, and I did just happen to knock College Algebra out of the ballpark… My next class is an actual business course, so now we’re getting to the good stuff.  In fact, the next several classes are business, money, and accounting related, plus some communications.

The Relationship:  A date has been set, a dress is being picked, a tuxedo is being selected, a list is being formed… and the list is the toughest part because we’re doing a small ceremony in a small location, so seating is very limited.  The worst is that most of my friends don’t live anywhere near me, and it’s not like I can pay for everyone to come down AND feed them AND actually pay for the wedding…

So, the guest list for in-person is going to be limited to a very small number, but we’re going to set up a simulcast to stream the entire event.  It’s the perfect solution to a sticky problem.

And afterwards, we’ll probably take the grown-up party to somewhere … grown up.

(No, not a strip club.  That’s so 1990s.)

The Kids: Oh my stars and garters, the kids… So, Lili is blasting right along, knocking out her classes like nobody’s business at Premier.  Gaia is rockin’ the same kind of amazing grades and projects and performance.  Miles is similarly going through the Utterly Awesomes.  Joseph is pulling all As and is really exploding with the creativity, making movies with his phone, drawing still, and sculpting.  Collin is running and jumping and speaking better and better all the time and learning to read for realz now.  Cyrus has two more games left in his baseball season and has come so far in getting focused and not being nearly as afraid of the ball.  Daniel is down to only a seizure or two a day and is almost starting to develop a little more cogency.

The Games:  If you haven’t tried Artemis… that’s probably because you don’t have a massive screen to use as the main viewer.  If you’re local, drop me a message and maybe you can come over to game.  I’ll even let you man Weapons for a little while.

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