The real problem with Political Correctness

facepalmAre you shocked at this “sudden” support of a racist, misogynistic, opportunist, anti-science, anti-human-rights candidate?  Are you truly and for-real stunned that so many people are flocking to his side?  I have some bad, terrible news: political correctness might be a little bit to blame.

See, we as a society don’t always think things through.  I know!  I know!  Crazy to state such a thing, but hear me out.  When we started this whole “political correctness” thing, we only got as far as “don’t say that”.  We put the focus on the action, not the source.

In all fairness, absolutely no one should be surprised by this.  We only treat the symptoms of our illness.  We pour billions of tons of pollutants into the air every day.  We jump on the latest fads without seeing how they shake down long-term.  So, really, ZERO surprise, but…

Yes, I know that the Political Correctness movement was supposed to get people to think about the words that flopped out of their mouths.  The key words there are “supposed to”.  That worked about as well as trickle-down economics – which is to say, not at all.  People didn’t learn how to be more compassionate or sensitive to each other: assholes just learned how to hide their assholery better.

Now we have a great big steaming pile of trouble in the form of possibly a vocal majority of our nation supporting an administration that is the very opposite of compassionate.  This isn’t just about business acumen or shady foreign ties: this is about a self-avowed idiot and thief relying on the votes of people whose very way of life is based on denying other people their rights.

I’m going to be watching the Vice Presidential debates tonight because I want to know just how badly we’re screwed.  Remember that as bloody awful as Trump is, in the case of assassination, the Veep steps into office – and in the case of Pence, that is actually, physically worse.  I say that as a queer, as a woman, and in general as a human who likes things like clear air, drinkable water, and a job.

The sad truth is that Trump’s popularity has given these people permission to come out of hiding.  I’m not a fan of forcing them back into hiding, though, because this gives us a real understanding of the scope of the problem.  We’ve got some seriously intense work cut out for us in terms of designing a society that doesn’t rely on the Blame Game.

I could go on about this topic indefinitely, but I had kind of a list of things to do today.  I will say this, though.  The weirdest thing about that demographic is that they treat rights as though they were in limited supply, but they treat money as though it’s infinite.  The truth is exactly the opposite, and I’m deeply confounded on how they got that mixed up.

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