End-of-year challenge: Day Five, Eight Ways

Day Five: Eight ways to win your heart

1. Yarn.  Yummy, yummy yarn.

2. Compliments are (almost) always appropriate.

3. Making coffee before I wake up (or at least get out of bed myself) has always been the high-mark of love to me.  The smell of that first pot is like nothing else in the world to warm the cockles of my heart.  Maybe even the sub-cockles.

4. An excellent foot rub after a long day of running around, and an excellent shoulder/back rub after a day of slaving over the computer

5. Cook like you love me, like I cook for you.

6. Show me something amazing that I’ve never seen before.

7. Know the difference between being strong and being stubborn.

8. Know the difference between being flexible and being a push-over.


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