End-of-year challenge: Day Three, Ten Things

Day Three: Ten things you are enormously grateful for

1. Chocolate!

2. Our neurologist, who doesn’t believe in over-medicating

3. Weekends, when Joe takes the boys and I can actually get uninterrupted sleep

4. Pants (because they make Daniel happy, even when they’re not his)

5. The “schedule” feature in WordPress 😉

6. Knitty.com, because I am a poor knitter who cannot buy all the patterns I want

7. Friends who understand that being a single mom on a low income means having to do free and low-cost fun things only

8. Amazing children who test my patience and my view of the world every single day

9. My health, now that I’ve gotten it back – and especially when it reminds me that I have to work to keep it

10. My job, even when it stresses me out, because thank the gods I’ve got one!

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