Okay, I think the jury is definitely out on this: no wheat at all, no HFCS, no food dyes, and absolutely no cheating on this ever. And chlorinated water might be on the list, too.

I’ve been playing it a little fast and loose with the diet, caught up as I have been in the throes of a new and exciting relationship (yes, of the romantic variety!), and I’ve noticed a couple of interesting reactions.

First, eating things on the no-no list turns me into a complete social moron. I don’t know what to say nor when to shut up, and being in an emotional state (good, bad or otherwise) makes it ten times worse. Open mouth, insert foot.

The second thing (and those of delicate sensibilities might want to look away) is that eating no-no foods interferes with sexual responses. Where I normally have an insane appetite and can “close the deal” repeatedly, I noticed a hefty difficulty with that of late. (That’s not to say never, but it hasn’t been easy. Or anywhere near as quick to rebound.) Not great timing, but at least I caught it now.

The third thing is pretty obvious to anyone who reads a time stamp: the Brain Train will not shut down. Tonight, I’ve drawn, written, read and planned, made lists, played games… and now, in bed, I’m still trying to commit things to paper (or electrons, whatever), just to get them out of my head.

Man, I’ve got to be up in the morning, too…

Sometimes the dumb-ass gene kicks in a little hard.

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